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Florida's Key Lime Festival Is This Summer In Key West

Florida is vastly known in the global foodie community for being home to some of the tastiest delicacies out there. From fresh seafood dishes to the Cuban sandwich, Floridians are very proud of all of their food, but nothing compares to key lime pie. If you too love this classic dessert, get ready because Florida's Key Lime Festival is coming back to Key West this summer and it's going to be the sweetest event to date. 

There will be all sorts of sweet and savory Key lime-flavored dishes waiting for you at this event, as well as tasty drinks and key lime-themed events.

Activities like pie-eating contests and cooking demonstrations will be happening all over. You'll also see people dressed in themed costumes. Fun!

The event is free for everyone to attend, and it's going to take place from Tuesday, July 2 to Sunday, July 5. If you haven't made plans to celebrate Independence Day yet, maybe this is it.

You'll have many opportunities to taste the best Key Lime Pie ever at this fest. If you haven't been to the event yet, this is the year to go. After all, you will be savoring the dessert in its home town.

It can't possibly get better than that. 

This festival is going to be the best excuse to plan a road trip to the Keys this summer. And to break that bikini diet as well. 

Special events will be taking place at different locations during the four-day festival, so make sure to get all the information you need to attend your favorite ones. 

There will be traditional events, like the Key Lime Cocktail Sip and Stroll and Key Lime Pie Hop, and new ones like the Key Lime Scavenger Hunt and Key Lime University.

The admission tickets for the events range from $10 to $40.

The festivities will kick off on Thursday, July 2 with a wine reception hosted by Chef Brendan Orr.

Festivalgoers will enjoy wine samples and tasty bites like conch fritters, ceviche, Key West pinks, and Key lime pie. Tickets are $40.

The event will also feature their famous Key Lime Scavenger Hunt, on July 3, from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Get ready to discover Key lime dishes and drinks hidden in local restaurants and bars. Tickets for this event are $30 per person. 

They will also have a free Key Lime Pie Drop, a hilarious activity where people try to land a pie without damaging it.

And a Key Lime Cocktail Sip and Stroll, where you get to drink cocktails from ten different competing bars and seven optional ones, and decide which is best.

This last event is $39 and includes over 10 samples and a souvenir mug for the first 275 people to register. 

In 2019, the event tries to create the "World's Largest Key Lime Pie." Can we expect another massively sweet and citrous creation this year? We'll have to wait and see.

Key Lime Festival 

Price: Free

When: Thursday, July 2 Sunday, July 5

Address: Key West, FL

Why You Need To Go: You'll get to savor key lime-flavored everything at this deliciously fun festival in Key West, Florida.

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