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Floridians Are Straight Up Rejoicing Over Governor Saying He Wants To Allow Smokable Medical Marijuana

Florida to announce legalization of medical marijuana flower.
Floridians Are Straight Up Rejoicing Over Governor Saying He Wants To Allow Smokable Medical Marijuana

Yesterday Gov. Ron DeSantis publicly announced that he will be urging Florida lawmakers to drop the medical marijuana smoking ban, and people are straight up rejoicing. The Florida politician told lawmakers they will have "a couple of weeks" to address the smoking ban during the legislative session.

If for some reason the lawmakers refuse to address the issue within the allotted amount of time, DeSantis says he will take matters into his own hands by organizing a state court appeal. 

“What the Florida Legislature has done to implement the people’s will has not been done in accordance with what the amendment envisioned. Whether (patients) want to smoke it or not, who am I to judge that? I want people to be able to have their suffering relieved. I don’t think this law is up to snuff," DeSantis said during the press conference. 

Medical marijuana has been legal in Florida since 2016 after 71% of voters voted in favor of its legality - however, it is still illegal federally. Anyone who has a "debilitating" condition is eligible to use medical marijuana as a treatment option. Some of these conditions include cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and terminal illnesses.

According to Venice Care, while smoking is still prohibited, the state of Florida allows whole plant cannabis in the form of oil forms – such as vapor juices, oil suspensions, encapsulations, sublingual tinctures, topicals, and suppositories. Edibles will be available soon.

Via Florida Senate

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In 2016 more people were arrested for marijuana possession than for murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery combined in Florida. 

Multiple studies have shown that marijuana is not nearly as bad as the stigma that surrounds it. This clip from Adam Ruins Everything explains why:

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Legal recreational marijuana has been working well for California and Colorado - bringing in millions of tax dollars for the government. Now a lot of Floridians are hopeful that this new law will be a step forward to an overall end goal of decriminalizing the use of recreational marijuana in Florida once and for all. 

Feeling as free as a flower🌱💚 #fridaymood ..."Whether they have to smoke it or not who am I to judge that?"- Gov. Ron DeSantis #mvp ...THE FLOWER HAS BEEN SET FREE!!!!..Thank…

January 18, 2019

We are pleased to see Governor DeSantis realize and push for the will of the PEOPLE by clearing the way for the repeal of the unfair ban on flower.

January 18, 2019

@RonDeSantisFL Very encouraging words on how you’re planning to enable medical marijuana, as the electorate overwhelming voted for in amendment 2. It will finally bring Florida into reality regarding this very important legislation! Bravo!@JohnMorganESQ

January 18, 2019

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis is setting the right tone on medical marijuana

January 18, 2019

If passed, this law will legalize the use of cannabis flower sales instead of just extracts and concentrates for medicinal use.

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