Living life with a disability is hard enough on its own, but other people can sometimes exuberate the struggle, just as one local woman claims happened to her autistic daughter late last week. The local Florida company, Bagels Galore, has come under fire after a woman shared her story.

Jennifer Oliveras and her 6 year old non-verbal autistic daughter Angelina went to Bagels Galore, a local bagel shop in Pasco County to grab a bite to eat last Friday. According to her post, Angelina squeals when she gets excited - and she was excited to get a bagel, letting out a little squeal, which upset someone behind the counter. 

"[Angelia] squeals and lets out yells when she is excited. Her father and I have had to learn to deal with going out in public and sometimes getting stares and being judged. [While waiting for our food] she let out one of her squeals because she was excited. Someone behind the counter stated now that is enough that is not even funny," a portion of Jennifer's post reads.

Jennifer said she apologized for her child's outburst and stated she is autistic and just excited, then Jennifer's friend asked to speak to the manager. According to her Facebook post, the woman who made the remark said she was the owner and that's when the situation escalated. 

"I said I’m sorry my daughter is autistic and she was excited. My friend then asked to speak to the manager. The lady behind the counter said she was the owner. As the mother I am I went to the counter and wanted an apology and the owner then stated there [are] autistic kids in her family and they don’t act like that."

Jennifer said it was at this point that she started to get upset.

"I then started getting upset and the owner yelling [then] stated I should take my daughter outside. Her husband started yelling as well because I was getting upset and slammed aluminum foil on the counter and told me to leave I then left and started crying."

The entire post is below:

Via Facebook

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Since being posted only hours ago, the post has been shared dozens of times, and many people are offering their support - some have even gone as far as starting a #boycottbagelsgalore thread. One person commented:

"So sorry you had to deal with such ignorance. You and Mike are great parents. Angelina is such a sweet ❤️ she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way! I’ve shared and hope it helps I know I will not give any business to them @Bagels_galore!! #boycottbagelsgalore."

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We reached out to Bagels Galore for a comment but they have not responded to our messages.