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You Can Get Flight Upgrades & Free Hotel Suites If You Spot This Guy In Miami

In a real-life game of "Where's Waldo" if you can find this guy you will be rewarded!

When most of us travel, we opt for the most affordable option. Keeping costs low helps us cash in on a myriad of experiences instead, but one man wants to offer free flight upgrades & hotel suite stays — if you can find him that is.

In a segment he's calling "Where's Gilbert", travel blogger Gilbert Ott has teamed up with Capital One to offer his supporters & followers those who can find him business & 1st class flight upgrades & free hotel suites.

He's done this once before, but this time around Ott is focusing on the places and the people who have supported him over the years that continue to allow him to live his dream of writing about travel for a living.

He'll be traveling extensively throughout Europe and the US, with a brief stint in the Middle East & Asia — with a stop in Miami if you're feeling lucky in the Sunshine State. 

Gilbert shared his travel map on his blog, which you can see below.

To find him, all you have to do is follow his Instagram page. He'll be dropping clues in his posts about where he'll be chillin' in each city, & the first person to find him will get a mega hotel suite to enjoy for the night.

The travel blogger will be doing this until December 10th, 2019 — offering the hotel suite giveaways in New York, Boston, Miami, Lost Angeles, and Washington D.C.

To be eligible for the flight upgrades, you must locate him at the airport or on the flight he may be taking. If you spot him, approach him & he'll be swapping seats with you.

You'll get a sweet 1st class or business upgrade, while he flies in a more standard cabin.

Flight upgrades will be given away in Warsaw, Dubai, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Lisbon, Seattle, Boston, Washington D.C. & Chicago.

Cheers to this unique opportunity!

What an awesome way for Ott to give back to his followers & supporters. Those up for the challenge wanting to know specific details about what all is on the line can learn more through his blog here.

To keep an eye out for his clues for a chance to win, don't forget to follow his Instagram page here.

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