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Hooters Is Giving Away Free Chicken Wings To Singles In Florida On Valentine's Day

You can get BOGO deal on Valentine's day for "shreding your ex's photo"
Hooters Is Giving Away Free Chicken Wings To Singles In Florida On Valentine's Day

For some people, Valentine's Day is the worst day ever. If you're ready to get over your ex, head to your local Hooters and have one of the Hooters' girls shred your ex's picture. Hooters is offering 10 free chicken wings for just showing your ex's picture and tearing it apart. 

This is a great free therapy session with free wings. If your single friends are also alone on Valentine's Day, tell them they have an opportunity to be done once and for all with their past. 

All you need to do is show up at any local Hooters on February 14th in South Florida and give the hostess your ex's picture to shred it. The deal is valid only on this day and you get 10 free boneless wings for any 10 wings you buy. 

But if you can't make an appearance, you can also get the deal online. You can digitally shred your ex's picture on the Hooters' website by taking a quiz about your former relationship. After this, you'll receive by email a coupon for 10 boneless wings for free. 

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The "Shred your Ex" event gives an opportunity for all customers to get a free extra meal on Valentine's Day. You can also take your boneless wings back home and enjoy it in the comfort of your couch. 

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Now all the single ladies have a plan B in case their Bumble date doesn't go as planned.

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