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South Florida Is Literally Hotter Than Death Valley Right Now & There's No End In Sight

What's the difference between Death Valley and Florida? Florida's hotter!

Imagine this: it's late October, there's a chill in the air and the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. Admittedly it's pretty hard to imagine if you're in the Sunshine State right now because Florida is currently the hottest place in the US.

According to Weather Central, South Florida is averaging 86 degrees right now, with temperatures expected to rise to 89 in Miami this afternoon. For reference, Death Valley, known as the hottest place on Earth, is only expected to reach 87 degrees as a high today.

That's right, Florida is currently hotter than the hottest place on Earth. Ouch.

What adds insult to injury is that the South Florida temperatures aren't expected to change much in the 10-day forecast.

According to Weather.com, temps will average a high of 86 and a low in the upper 70s. It seems our only saving grace from the sun's wrath is the nearly-constant chance of rain. So prepare for plenty of humidity.

Needless to say, people are feeling the heat. In a Reddit discussion thread, several users took the opportunity to express their frustration. 

One user commented, "I am absolutely sick of this. There should at least be some relief from the humidity, but no." 

Alternatively, another user said they moved to Florida to avoid cold fronts; so clearly not everyone is hating on it!

The high in Key West is 86 today, 85 in Palm Beach, 86 in Tampa, and 85 in Orlando. It isn't until you start going farther north that you will see some reprieve; Jacksonville's high is 79 and Pensacola is 68. At least Florida is expected to have a nice winter this year

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