'Super Mario' Hints At Possibly Joining David Beckham's Inter Miami Team

Mario Balotelli tags David Beckham in a timely #tbt post
'Super Mario' Hints At Possibly Joining David Beckham's Inter Miami Team

One of soccer’s biggest personalities just might be joining Inter Miami CF. Mario Balotelli, former Italian National team star, part-time prankster and character extraordinaire, posted one heck of an interesting Instagram story this afternoon, which has all of Miami talking. 

Balotelli shared an image of himself alongside David Beckham during what seems to be a friendly match between the striker’s former team Manchester City and Beckham’s LA Galaxy. In fact, one of the Italian’s most iconic plays happened in that very match.

[rebelmouse-image 25941284 photo_credit="Mario Balotelli" expand=1 original_size="750x1334"]

Balotelli is seen in the video completely wasting a one on one opportunity against the LA Galaxy keeper and proceeding to fail a trick shot while making a fool of himself.  


While this may not have been a shining moment in Balotelli’s career, it speaks volumes of his confidence and personality. And you know what? Miami could surely use a big name with a bigger personality for its MLS club. Keep in mind, the 28-year-old is a three-time Italian Champion, a Champions League winner and he helped Manchester City conquer that unforgettable Premier League title in 2012.

The timing of this is crucial. With the European transfer window set to close in a matter of weeks and Balotelli recently relieved of his deal with French club Olympique Marseille, it appears things are lining up for Mario’s Miami move.

We have already discussed Inter Miami’s signing of two young prospects from Argentina. With the Lockhart venue guaranteed and the MLS Sporting Director guaranteeing aggressive moves in the transfer market, this Mario Balotelli signing is far from unrealistic.

Add to that, the fact that Balotelli has publicly mentioned being open to playing in Miami if David Beckham does so wish.

Beckham hasn’t responded to Balotelli’s post yet. If he does, buckle up because the soccer transfer train will be headed to Miami at full steam.