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Inter Miami's Roman Torres Transformed His Backyard Into A Training Obstacle Course

The MLS veteran's exercise routine doesn't quit!

Last Week MLS Commissioner Don Garber announced that the league would be suspending its 2020 season for at least thirty days due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The news came just days before Inter Miami was set to make its debut in front of the club's home crowd. While the games may be suspended, Inter Miami's Roman Torres is making no excuses regarding his fitness and is putting in some work during the break. 

Torres, a central defender, joined Inter Miami in December of last year. The 33-year-old is a two-time MLS Cup winner with the Seattle Sounders. The most recent of his titles coming as recently as last season.

Apart from previous success, Torres will be bringing his physical strength to the Inter Miami locker room, standing at 6'2" and weighing a total of 183 pounds — and he appears to be a pretty muscular dude.

This virus outbreak and temporary league suspension don't seem to be stopping the soccer star from gettin' in the gym to work on his fitness either — even if that gym happens to be his backyard.

Torres took to Instagram yesterday and shared with fans how he's been spending his time away from the Inter Miami training facilities.

Torres' extensive workout session was posted to his Instagram stories and included everything from a stationary bike, to strength training with weights, weaving through cones, practicing his goal shots, jump rope, and more.

He even cooled off his post-exercise routine by launching himself into the pool using his mini-trampoline.

It kind of reminds us of Jimmy Butler's home set up.

By the looks of things, Torres is also enjoying time home with his family. He spent some time in the pool with both his kiddos yesterday. Today, he and his son were captured playing some soccer volleyball in the back yard.

The defender captioned the recent Instagram story with the hashtag: "#quedateencasa" which translates to, "#stayhome" in English.

It seems the two-time MLS champ is using his platform to showcase how he's staying fit, and encouraging others to stay home as well. Did anyone stuck at home find some sudden inspiration to craft your own home gym?

While David Beckham shared how he's feeling regarding the delay of his dream once more and how his family is supporting him on Instagram, it seems that he and Torres are making the best of the suspension with a little bit of family and fitness.