I scream you scream - it's summertime and that means we want ICE CREAM! It's arguably one of the best ways to beat Florida's brutal summer heat. Jaxson Ice Cream Parlor in Florida serves giant 1 pound sundaes so you can treat yo'self right!

Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor in Dania Beach, Florida is a charming vintage ice cream palace that serves up some of the sweetest creamy concoctions. With over 30 flavors of ice cream to choose from, you'll have no shortage of combinations to try.

You'll, of course, have your standard chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. You'll also have more obscure ones to choose from such as tropical coconut, piña colada, cappuccino, peppermint candy, and mocha chip. They're even known to have special feature flavors that pop up for a limited time too!

Their sundaes take it up a notch, coming jumbo-sized. These super sundaes feature 3 huge scoops of ice cream (about 1lb) with a variety of toppings and combinations, including hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, butterscotch fudge, nuts, fruits, whipped cream and more. You can even get them in a goblet.

Your sundae will have so much more than just a cherry on top that's for sure! If your sweets cravings transcend the sands of all existence, you can get the most over the top sundae known to man here - The Kitchen Sink.

The Kitchen Sink can only be purchased for a party of 4 - and it's the sundae to end all sundaes. This behemoth comes, you guessed it, served in a kitchen sink. The "Soda Jerks" in the kitchen will use their creative skills and put together a completely custom concoction of just a BUNCH of ice cream and extras - topping it all off with a cherry and sparklers.

Not only do they serve the most massive sundaes, but a majority of the items on Jaxon's menu also come in colossal sized portions - Not to mention their restaurant menu that has everything under the sun from seafood to waffles (topped with ice cream even), burgers, floats, sundaes, shakes, malts, wraps, platters, and more!

If there's any place to treat yourself, it's certainly Jaxon's Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant - the vintage foodie palace of your wildest dreams.

Jaxon's Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant

Location: 128 S Federal Hwy, Dania Beach, FL 33004

Hours: Monday - Thursday 11:30am-11pmFriday & Saturday 11:30am-12am; Sundays 12pm-11pm

Price: 💸💸

Why you need to go: MASSIVE ice cream sundaes that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Over 30 different ice cream flavors to choose from, with sugar-free and fat-free fro-yo options available as well. Go with a gigantic 1lb sundae, or get the Kitchen Sink - a literal sink overflowing with ice cream, whipped cream, various toppings, and sparklers. Cute little location with all that vintage charm that will take you on a nostalgia trip.