The NFL Superbowl has become one of the most mythicized sporting events in the world. There is just so much fanfare and excitement around nearly everything surrounding the game that people tend to overlook the match that has united us all that evening in the first place. This year is gearing up to be the best ever, well, according to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira

From TV ads to big game snacks to halftime shows, "football fans" often lose sight of the game itself. While we tend to find that ironic for the most part, this year, we're going to go ahead and label such behavior as acceptable. Specifically and exclusively in regard to this year's halftime show lineup. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are set to join forces and deliver a show that fans will surely remember for years to come. 

Let's remember: we are merely approaching the fourth week of the NFL regular season. This season's Superbowl has been scheduled for Sunday, February 7th. For obvious reasons, the internet could care less right now. Two of the biggest stars in the world will be performing together on one of the worlds biggest stages. 

Thursday afternoon, the news was made official. The two Latina superstars will be joining forces in Miami for the upcoming Superbowl halftime show. Both J Lo and Shakira took to Instagram to share the exciting news with their fans. 

The Hard Rock Stadium has not hosted many good performances in the football department as of late. As predicted, the Dolphins have been huge flops so far this season. To this day, the Dolphins have managed to score just one touchdown in three games. Their abysmal performances have caused fans to take some drastic and hilarious measures. 

That said, the Dolphins will surely have nothing to do with what should be a magical night at the Hard Rock when the two remaining NFL teams standing will face off for the final game of the season. 

Although the news just broke, fans are already letting their voices be heard regarding J Lo's and Shakira's big announcement. From the looks of it, the people are pleased. 

Here are some of the early reactions we found:

There will reportedly be more performers added to this lineup but we have a feeling fans are more than satisfied with this duo taking the show over on their own. 

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