Jimmy Butler Shows Love For The Heat By Being Their Biggest Cheerleader

Many have attributed the Heat's recent success to their gritty and tough style of play along with solid coaching on Erik Spoelstra's part. The new star of the team, Jimmy Butler has been particularly impressive — not just because he has been living up to his competitive reputation, but he has also managed to be so uplifting toward his teammates. Jimmy Butler is showing his love for The Heat by being their biggest cheerleader and seems to be the team's best player at the same time. 

After defeating the Detroit Pistons at the American Airlines Arena Tuesday night, the Miami Heat have cemented their undefeated streak at home this season.

This new-look Heat team has been raising plenty of eyebrows around the league. For a team with so many relatively unknown players, the Heat have displayed some very aesthetically pleasing basketball.

We've already mentioned the intensity Butler brought with him in the offseason. The former Philadelphia 76er has kept his dedication and intensity at the same level or higher ever since.

He has also adamantly shown his fondness for the Heat's star rookie, Tyler Herro.

That said, Jimmy Butler's enthusiasm for his new team does not end at Tyler Herro. Butler has been praising multiple teammates throughout his short time in Miami and Heat fans are loving his wholesomeness.

Last Thursday, the Heat faced the Phoenix Suns in Arizona. The game was heavily contested but Miami ended up leaving Phoenix with a win thanks mostly to Jimmy Butler and one inspired second half performance from Goran Dragic. Butler was quick to give praise where it was due.

As the caption says: "Big sh*t DRAGON." Big sh*t, indeed. The Slovenian point guard is lovingly referred to by Heat fans as The Dragon and he went absolutely off against his former team. 

Dragic scored 25 points in the 31 minutes he spent on the court. The Dragon had some Heat fans going through Game of Thrones flashbacks as he lit the second half up.

Jimmy Butler has also been shining a light toward some players that even heat fans may not be too well acquainted with. 

Ahead of the Heat's Tuesday night game against Detroit, Miami reinstated G league player Daryl Macon into the roster. Macon went on to feature for seven minutes and even scored three points in his debut. Jimmy made sure to celebrate Macon's return to the roster with a hilarious caption:

Butler: "They let @dmacon4.0 outta solitary confinement!! and me and @the_1_dragon couldn’t be happier! #gleaguemyass GREAT TEAM WIN!!"

After seeing this, we think #gleaguemyass might the best hashtag of the week.

It's refreshing to see a team's star player be so open to including and celebrating the role all players play and giving nods to those who may not get as much credit as they deserve. 

Butler and the Heat are expected to continue to maintain their Home winning streak Thursday night as they face the Cleveland Cavaliers at 6 p.m. ET. 

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