This time of the year Miami starts reaching its summer peak which requires a high dose of frozen drinks and ice cream. Thankfully, KANAICE is a company in Miami offering CBD-infused popsicles that will refresh anyone suffering from the heat.

KANAICE specializes in all-natural, local, vegan, handmade, small-batch and ecofriendly popsicles with CBD. You can find these popsicles at different locations including Wynwood and Yellow Green Farmer's Market.

So if you are allergic to dairy and have been craving a CBD-infused treat this is a great alternative option. Most likely you will come across the KANAICE cooler if you pass by a CBD and hemp store such as The Hemp Spectrum.

KANAICE has several flavors available and you can choose from 20, 30 or 40 milligrams of hemp oil. Some of the flavors that are available at KANAICE include Magnus Mango CBD popsicle, 30 Mgs CBD strawberry and banana, kombucha CBD popsicle, dragon punch CBD popsicle, and more. KANAICE has a mimosa CBD infused flavor which is alcohol-free and a great alternative to a regular mimosa for brunch.

Also, did you know that CBD has been shown to help relieve cramps? Well, these popsicles are a good option whenever you are not feeling your best and need a pick-me-up.

These are the best summer treats for the beach, pool party or any other social event you are hosting. KANAICE ships across the United States and internationally.

Not only KANAICE is the original CBD pops but also a natural product with healthy ingredients. You can even get a vegan chocolate popsicle. 

The next time you are looking for a refreshing heat, head out to Wynwood and find KANAICE.


Where: You can find the CBD popsicles at Yellow Green Farmer's Market.

Price: $14

Why you need to try: These CBD-infused popsicles are made with natural ingredients and is a great treat to relax after a heavy workday. The popsicles come in different flavors and you can choose from 20, 30 or 40 milligrams of hemp oil.