As far as church services go, most might expect something quiet and thought-provoking; when it comes to Kanye though, just about anything can happen. The music star gone gospel giver has hosted church services across the U.S., and there's a chance that you could spot Kanye West in Florida enjoying the Sunshine.

After surprising people with his sermon at Joel-Osteen's megachurch, Yeezus has gone on to spread the gospel in other states like Tennessee and is now bringing the "Church of Kanye" to Florida this weekend with a morning show before the Super Bowl.

This isn't your average church service either, and how could it be when it's hosted by Kanye.

His shows usually feature a decked out West singing to his biggest fans, giving speeches, and playing the keyboard; his Miami show will also bring in Vous Church to sing to the Sunshine State heavens.

While tickets to his pre-Super Bowl Sunday Service appear to be completely sold out — save for the lawn space that requires a super-secret code to get — it's still possible that you'll have a peep of him and the fam without even attending.

West's wife, Kim Kardashian-West, generally shows her support for the hubby by attending his events and has even been known to live-stream portions of them on occasion.

Following his Houston iteration of Sunday Service, the whole family was spotted shopping the Galleria Mall and skating across the ice with the kiddos.

With the whole fam in attendance, it's likely you could spot the Kardashian-West krew kickin' up sand, enjoying the surf, shopping at the mall, or even enjoying the big game on Sunday in Miami.

Members of the Kardashian-West families have been spotted in Miami before too; from fashion shows to hotel openings, and even returning expensive Christmas gifts, it probably wouldn't surprise anyone if they were seen about.

And who wouldn't want to enjoy Florida's little slice of paradise when visiting anyways? Especially with so many cool things to do in Miami alone, and of course, the means to be able to do it all.