One thing is for sure. Miamians like to eat healthy and look in shape during summer. That's why new health restaurants are opening in the city and embracing the lifestyle. Bocas Group is embarking in the nutritous wagon to bring a vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian friendly restaurant for all health foodies in the 305. Laborejo Restaurant is Miami's first organic GastroLab offering "nutritious food made for the senses".

This restaurant promises to bring innovative combinations to the table with the highest quality ingredients. Laborejo is set to open July 7th at 11:30 am and expects to provide guests a sensory experience like never before.

In their menu you will find unique healthy dishes such as cauliflower wok rice, pumpkin and almond cappelletti, CO2 smoked lentils, mushrooms red mole tacos, pumpkin cream soup, shiitake rame, seaweed ramen, and more.

Even the water looks like coming out of Dexter lab with its smokey presentation.

You will not have to worry to eat unhealthy fish. Their fish are "Best Choices" according to Seafood Watch. This means that their fish was well managed and caught or farmed in ways that cause little harm to habitats or other wildlife. Guests can order any fish with the fish of their choice. Now that's what we call having options.

So if you are an eco-friendly person and always seeking to reduce environmental waste and harm, you will love eating at this restaurant. The prices are moderate with an average of $18. 

Laborejo Restaurant puts extra care in every dish they prepare from the ingredients they use to the food presentations. It is a place where all your senses will be stimulated. 

Laborejo Restaurant

Address: 7800 NW 25th Street Unit #15 Doral, FL 33122

Opening: July 7th

Why you need to go: This is a completely vegan and vegeterian restaurant with food that will stimulate your senses.