The new all-day breakfast joint in Wynwood has a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only does it offer tasty egg sandwiches, Laid Fresh in Miami also serves LEGOs to fuel your inner kid. Laid Fresh creates your epic egg sandwich while you create a LEGO masterpiece.

The new restaurant crafts some serious sandwiches, making the light and fun LEGO table the perfect complement. Build a space shuttle or Miami skyscraper while you wait for your EBLT (fried egg, bacon, lettuce, and tomato). 

The lounge seating and communal tables in the restaurant are no accidents. Laid Fresh wants guests to eat, play, and stay awhile, and LEGOs aren't the only entertainment available. Headphones hang from the ceiling above comfy seats, offering a wide range of tunes for guests to enjoy.

Laid Fresh also has a magnetized menu board for another layer of fun. Guests can create silly messages with rainbow letter magnets beneath the list of menu items. You'll often find a colorful "LAAIIDDD FRESSSHHH" stuck to the board.

Co-owners Steven Haigh and Michael Lewis and Chef Patrick Clark have created a unique space for adults where creativity is king. Every table is the "kids' table," and Miamians are loving it.

Laid Fresh boasts an "egg-forward menu," claiming to fill a void in Wynwood for fast and fresh egg-centric sandwiches. You can find out for yourself any day of the week at this sunny-themed restaurant. If you crave breakfast at 4 pm on a Saturday, this is your new place.

The Laid Fresh Instagram page says it best: "Come #eggsperience an all-day affair of awesome." 

Laid Fresh

Price: $

Address: 250 NW 24th St in Wynwood 

Why you need to go: You can play with LEGOs and enjoy breakfast all day at this eggscellent restaurant.