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The Internet Is Heavily Divided On Whether LeBron James' Sideline Behavior Is Appropriate

The former Heat star gets passionate watching his son follow in his footsteps
The Internet Is Heavily Divided On Whether LeBron James' Sideline Behavior Is Appropriate

Earlier this week, we told you about LeBron 'Bronny' James Jr's insane dunk and how it made his father and Dwyane Wade (and the rest of the world, apparently) lose their collective minds. 

Since then, we have noticed a conflict in opinions regarding the topic. Not Bronny's dunk itself, per se, but regarding Bronny's dad and whether his sideline behavior is appropriate or not. 

Basically, there are two separate viewpoints here. The first: LeBron James is attracting far too much attention toward himself, making his behavior seem unfitting of a parent who is watching his son play basketball. The second: LeBron is just being a dad and is emotionally invested in his son's passion. 

While LeBron burst onto the basketball scene back when he was in high school, he truly made a name for himself in Cleveland and even more so in Miami when James won his first and second NBA championship ring. 

Now that 'The King' is playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, he can catch more of his son's games (Both Bronny and Bruce Maximus play their b-ball in LA).

While it is widely known that the future Hall of Famer is looking to pursue a career within the film industry in Hollywood, you have to believe James is pleased with being closer to the family. Spend a quick minute or two on any of LeBron's social media pages ad it becomes apparent that he truly enjoys some family time. 

So logically, when LeBron sees his 14-year-old leap up and produce a monster dunk just like his old man, it shouldn't really come as a surprise to see the All-Star get hyped. 

Even so, LeBron's cheering did not sit well with some folks on the web.

We could provide more evidence but you get the picture. 

However, the discussion truly reached the mainstream once Fox Sports TV personality Jason Whitlock chimed in. Whitlock essentially agreed with the opinion against LeBron's sideline behavior. 

Well, that did not sit right with a lot of people, especially other members of the media and the NBA. 

After the match, LeBron was seen posing with the rest of Bronny's team and celebrating their big win. 

Inevitably, the discussions and mixed opinions will continue. But at the end of the day, LeBron James is just a father who is supporting his son. If the main issue bothering people is how LeBron James is behaving as a parent, well then we must be in good shape.

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