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Life-Size Dinosaurs Are Taking Over Florida This Summer And You "Dino" Want To Miss It

Jurassic Quest is coming to West Palm Beach this summer.

You thought dinosaurs were extinct but they're back and ready to roam the beaches of Florida. Jurassic Quest is coming to West Palm Beach this summer with the largest dinosaurs ever.

Jurassic Quest is the largest exhibition of lifesize, moving, and museum-quality dinosaurs in North America. This is probably the most realistic exhibition you will ever experience where you'll see dinosaurs roaring and even some moving around. The exhibition features over 80 true to life-size dinosaurs. Some of the dinosaurs might have feathers as it was recently discovered that dinosaurs are more than reptiles. 

This is your opportunity to see how was life in the Mesozoic era. There will be fun activities such as digging up fossils like a paleontologist, riding on the back of a 24 feet T-Rex, and getting lost in the inflatable mazes. 

The exhibition will be held from August 16th to 18th at the Expo Center at South Florida Fairgrounds. The tickets cost $22 for adults and it includes Dino cinema, green screen photos, rides, and more. You can purchase your ticket here. 

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The exhibition will be coming to other cities in the U.S. such as Atlanta, Houston, Raleigh, and even Vancouver, Canada. If you want to know if this event is coming to your city click here.

You will be even interacting with baby dinosaurs and learning more about a lost world. Expect to see the newest attractions as the event is always adding new dinosaurs and activities.

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The Expo Center is located at 9067 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33411.