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You Can Have Massive Drinks Bigger Than Your Head At This New Spot In South Florida

To share or not to share, that is the question.
Massive Drinks In Miami Includes Huge Cocktails At El Dorado 305

Far beyond its heavenly beaches, the city of Miami is well known for its epic parties, where you can dance, drink and have fun until dawn. Therefore, when you want a night out in the city, it's a go big or go home type of situation, and yes, that includes the cocktails. If you and your group of friends are looking for massive drinks in Miami, El Dorado 305 on Ocean Drive may be the right place.

This brand new Mexican spot occupies the same space where the ILov305 restaurant once was. The former restaurant, owned by rapper and entertainer Pitbull, partnered with famous El Dorado Cantina from Las Vegas to bring a new concept to South Beach, a mix of Mexican and Latin food with the same great party atmosphere.

Many things may have changed, but El Dorado 305 is keeping the best part of ILov305: the massive drinks. There are many great options in the bar, including some awesome margs and tiki-inspired cocktails, but the stars of the menu are the two shareable drinks.

The massive cocktails have been designed to share between 4 or more people (although it can be a good option for 2, too). They are The 305 Grenade and Tropical Jungle Juice. The first has a mixture of vodka and rum, and the second is prepared with 3 different types of rum.

The 305 Grenade is made out of Voli vodka, light rum, watermelon and blueberry juice, lemonade and fresh fruit slices. It is adorned with tiki umbrellas, edible orchids and many straws for everyone to take a sip.

On the other hand, the Tropical Jungle Juice is served in a HUGE wine glass and made out of coconut rum, light rum and dark rum with fresh pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine and lots of fresh fruit (orange slices, lime watermelon, and fresh strawberries ). It is decorated with caramelized cherries and an edible orchid.

These gigantic cocktails have many fanatics, including celebrities like 50cent, but they are most popular for 21-year celebrations and large groups. They are also a great photo-op for IG, don't you think?

Mexican food is going to be the new protagonist at the restaurant. Classic dishes like burritos, enchiladas, and taco and fajita platters will make everyone very happy at the table. If you feel fancy, you can order their signature taco platter with nine filet mignon, duck, salmon, and lobster tacos for $80. 

But if Mexican is not your fave, you can also make a return to Latin roots and grab a burger, a nice Cuban sandwich or even Ropa Vieja. You will be very happy to know that the restaurant use sustainably raised products.

El Dorado 305


Address: 1060 Ocean Drive Miami, FL 33139

Why You Need To Go: To enjoy epic cocktails, have Mexican yummy food, and party like a celeb in the best atmosphere of Ocean Drive.

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