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Miami Residents Are Partying On Balconies Due To Curfew

Miami parties can always evoke a sense of FOMO with their glitz, glam, and exclusivity. If you’re not on the list, then you know you’re missing out on something memorable. Whether it’s on lofty rooftops or pristine beaches, Miami folk know how to party. But even with beaches and clubs closed, the party never stops. Now, they’re all just partying on the balconies!

Miami usually never sleeps, especially on the weekend, with bumping clubs and blaring music. It’s also usually a pretty good place to spot celebrities. But with a nationwide curfew in place, would-be partiers have no choice but get creative.

While folks like Insomniac and the Backstreet Boys are holding virtual concerts, Miami residents have taken to their balconies to sing karaoke, blast their favorite tunes, and connect during this time of social distancing.

The sky-high partying began on March 21 to celebrate what would have been Ultra Music Fest 2020, and the strobe lights and blaring EDM continued the following Friday on the first night of Miami’s curfew.

Since then, high rise communities like Brickell and Edgewater have hosted their own airy raves and concerts. It just goes to show that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

This past weekend, Edgewater resident Jared Ryan Shaw helped to organize their own music fest in the sky along with DJ Tony Merenda. People were dancing, waving county flags, and connecting via airwaves.

There was even balcony karaoke hosted by Guatemalan singer Cristina Flores, serenading onlookers.

Gran Paraiso Residencies will be hosting another balcony party on Saturday, April 4. Make sure to check in with Jared Ryan Shaw’s Instagram for more updates.

It seems you can take Miami out of the party, but not the party out of Miami!

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