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No One Asked For This, But Miami Launched A Cream Just For Butts

Butt acne? It's a problem we aren't afraid to discuss! There is a new skincare line that promises to help rid of all your bottoms issues, so get ready to wear your favorite pair of undies without inhibitions again. You can get a blemish-free bum this summer with the Miami Beach Bum cream.

Miami Beach Bum is the 'holy grail' of beauty essentials for a clear derrière that will make all beachgoers look back at you. This body cream is an ultra-concentrated and plant-based skin treatment that helps remove the blemishes and red bumps you get on your skin as a result of working out, bathing suits and sweat. And, if you are the type of person who loves wearing shorts then these products will help you smooth the area.

With its oregano and exfoliating powers of pearl, Miami Beach Bum seems to work wonders on just about any skin type. This skincare product comes in two natural scents - Mint and Vanilla Orange which are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, chemical fragrances and you can feel confident using them because they are cruelty-free.

Ayssa Di Pietro, is the entrepreneur behind Miami Beach Bum. With her background as a marine scientist and skin care knowledge, Ayssa decided to create a product that takes care of your skin from dullness to folliculitis blemishes.

If you are a beach bum that constantly lives in the water, this product will give your skin a glow. Also, it's a great go-to when you just shaved your skin and need a quick smooth-solution.

The product can be used as an everyday moisturizer all over your body which helps in reducing acne psoriasis, eczema and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Miami Beach Bum is dedicated to revive and nourish your body with its key ingredients including oregano, jojoba, pearl and shea butter.

The product costs $45 for 6 ounces and you can get it online here. The Beach Bum Cream will last you two to three months with full-body daily use. It is recommended to apply a dime-size amount onto dry skin in the morning and night. Leave behind old marks and embrace your rear with a cream that will give you that soft skin you have always dreamed of.

Currently, Miami Beach Bum is working on a secret formula in time for the holidays. While you wait for it, relax in the sand with this magical formula that will make your butt feel fresh.

Miami Beach Bum

Price: $45

Why you need it: This Miami-based natural solution will give you smooth skin and a healthy bum.


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