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Someone Changed The Miami Dolphins Wikipedia Description And It's Hilarious

Can you blame them?
Miami Dolphins Wikipedia Description Was Changed To Something Hilarious

Week three of the NFL regular season is fast approaching. With two games under most of the teams' belts, season predictions and expectations are either crumbling or taking shape. In the case of the Miami Dolphins, it appears most NFL pundits and experts were right after all.

The Dolphins have suffered two momentous defeats. By the looks of it, the Miami fan base is not pleased at all. Proof of said disappointment is perfectly embodied through one fan's change of the Dolphins' Wikipedia description. Indeed, it appears as though someone labeled the Miami Dolphins as a "middle school American football team," and it's hard to blame them. 

* As with most hidden gems online, this hilarious Wikipedia configuration was pointed out by someone on Reddit; and Narcity confirmed the change to be true by visiting the website yesterday around 3p.m. EST. You can see the revision history here

We had mentioned previously that many were predicting a rough year for the Miami Dolphins before the season began. 

Actually, it seems the only positive prediction going the Dolphins' way came from Chad Johnson. But that was back in the preseason. Two regular-season games later, and the morale in the Dolphins' locker room is somewhere close to rock bottom. 

In Week 1, The Baltimore Ravens handed the Dolphins a crushing 59-10 defeat: not an ideal way to begin the season. Then, the Dolphins got humiliated by Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, and co. at the Hard Rock Stadium by getting blown out 43-0. 

Not only have the Dolphins only been able to score one touchdown in two games, but they are also the first team in the league to have allowed 100 points. A distinction that no Miami fan was looking to have. 

Speaking of the fans, they have been airing their grievances on Twitter:

The Dolphins Tweeted that they would "break down game film" after the embarrassing loss to the Patriots last weekend. Here's what the "Dolfans" had to say about that. 

Yeah, they are not pleased...

As for the Wikipedia description, it has been "fixed." However, at this point, that should be the least of the Dolphins' worries. There are still 14 games to go. This weekend, the Dolphins visit the undefeated Dallas Cowboys... ay caramba. 

*this story has been updated

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