The Miami Heat currently sit at second place in the Eastern Conference thanks to a big road win against the Indiana Pacers Wednesday evening. While the win leaves Miami in a great position as the All-Star break approaches, the major headlines revolve around Jimmy Butler and how he reignited a rivalry with the Indiana Pacers

The former Philadelphia 76er had a relatively quiet game of 14 points, six rebounds and seven assists. Butler's performance was not noteworthy at all up until the third quarter. 

Butler and Indiana Pacers forward T.J. Warren got into a bit of a scuffle which spilled over into the following couple of plays. After some excessive taunting (and the display of a middle finger) from Warren's part, the Pacer got ejected. 

Butler proceeded to blow Warren kisses as he got escorted out of the court and well, let's just say Heat Twitter could not have loved the incident any more. 

This type of behavior is the reason Butler's acquisition to the Miami Heat as seen as a good move in the first place. Butler has that attitude and passion that falls in line so well with the Heat's identity. 

And Butler's trash talking did not stop once the final buzzer sounded. The team leader kept it up after the game too and fans are loving every minute of it. 

Here is how the entirety of the incident played out:

After committing the offensive foul, Butler walks back to his own side of the court and Warren proceeds to taunt the Heat player by clapping sarcastically.

Warren gets ejected and well, that's when it all went down. The blowing of kisses was well-documented but the middle finger on Warren's part was not seen on live TV. 

Dwyane Wade was tuned in and loving the passion he was seeing. 

"Feels like the olf Miami Heat and Pacers," said Wade as he posted a Gif of Lance Stephenson and himself back in the days when Indiana and Miami would consistently meet up during the Eastern Conference playoffs.

The rivalry has always been an intense one but since both teams somewhat fell out of relevancy in the past handful of years, it went cold. However, thanks to Jimmy Butler, that rivalry is most definitely back on.

Jimmy Butler doubled down after the game and posted the following on Instagram:

Butler circled the date on the next time the Heat face the Indiana Pacers. His caption reads: "@t.warren1 don't be mad you can't guard me. We will see what you about in March."

Get ready folks because on March 20th, we're in for one heck of a game. Butler has been quite the jokester at times this season, but it seems the four-time all-star means business. We can't wait for this upcoming matchup.