Miami Heat Celebrates NBA Rookie Week With Hilarious 90's-Themed Video

Warning: extremely catchy jingle included
Miami Heat Creates Hilarious 90s-themed Video For NBA Rookie Week

The Miami Heat social media team has been on fire this offseason. From creating awesome photo recreation challenges to savagely roasting none other than LeBron James, the Heat social feeds have been having loads of fun while the team gears up for the upcoming season.

This week is NBA Rookie week, leave it to Miami's professional basketball team to find a fun and creative way of celebrating this seemingly random week online. The Heat made a great 90's sitcom-themed video in honor of some of the notable rookies that have played for the Miami organization over the years. 

Earlier this week, fans were treated to some food for thought via this post courtesy of the Heat for Rookie Week. 

Clearly, there have been more than just a couple of great players who begin their careers in Miami. From the dominant Rony Seikaly who was the Heat's first-ever draft pick, to current stars like Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson, fans certainly spent a good amount of time mixing and matching rookies for some awesome starting fives. 

As great as this post was, it simply does not compare to the magic that is the following Rookie Week video the Heat shared with fans on Wednesday. 

Imagine a 90's sitcom comprised of all your favorite Heat rookies over the years. Now imagine that this amazing sitcom has one of the catchiest theme songs ever. Actually, you don't really have to imagine it at all. The Heat created it!

Check this out:

So many Rooks!

Naturally, Heat fans are absolutely loving this. 

Here's what they had to say about the world's greatest new sitcom:

The people have spoken. Heat Nation is thoroughly pleased with the offseason digital performance. Hopefully, the Heat can translate this social media success to a fruitful year on the court as well. 

The Heat will kick off their 2019/20 NBA regular season October 23rd at home against the Memphis Grizzlies. 

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