At the beginning of this NBA season, many sights were set on teams that profited from the biggest trades of the offseason. Some big changes were made for all teams across the board, but now experts have dubbed the current Heat team among the top five in the league.

The city of Los Angeles alone gained three future Hall of Famers in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard (Clippers) and Anthony Davis (Lakers). Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant joined forces in Brooklyn. Unfortunately for Nets fans, the duo's plans for dominance will have to stay on hold due to Durant's Achilles injury.

While Miami had a major offseason addition to its ranks in Jimmy Butler, few expected this young team to have gelled and excelled so well and so fast, and it's not just local fans who are believing in Erik Spoelstra's men.

NBA fans across Twitter have also acknowledged that the Heat and many of their players are legit. 

This morning, Bleacher Report posted this tweet that asked for followers to send a GIF of an NBA team or player who has surprised them so far this season.

A quick scroll through the replies will show you just how many people have been impressed by the team and some of their core players, including Bleacher Report themselves. BR kicked things off with a Jimmy Butler GIF.

The former Minnesota Timberwolf has been the face of the team so far this season and has shown some great leadership. But he is not the only Miami player that has gained NBA fans' attention. 

Here's another player GIF added to the mix: Tyler Herro. The former Kentucky Wildcat has stood out as one of the most promising rookies in the league. It's also no secret that Jimmy Butler is a huge fan of Herro's game. 

But wait! This thread has even more love to give. 

Bam Adebayo is seen dropping the mic here in this GIF. The Heat big man has basically been dropping the mic on Miami's competition as well. Adebayo has put himself in the running as one of the main contenders for the NBA's most improved player award. 

As you can see, this year has been one for the books for Miami Heat players and fans alike. 

Catch Miami Heat's funniest stars in action tonight at the American Airlines Arena as they host the Indiana Pacers at 8 p.m. The Heat have only lost one game (against the Los Angeles Lakers) at home. Jimmy Butler and company will look to keep it that way tonight. 

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