Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro & Bam Adebayo Are The Funniest Dudes In The Heat Locker Room

"Everything Litty!"
Miami Heat Funny Social Media Post Stars Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro & Bam Adebayo

While the Florida sports scene always has something great going on, there's perhaps nothing better than Miami Heat's hilarious social media presence starring Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro & Bam Adebayo

This new-look Heat team seems to gel so well and has obvious chemistry that is a delight to see. Said chemistry was on full display recently when Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro joined Butler for a Slam magazine cover photoshoot and interview. 

Check it out below.

While it is more than apparent that Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro have a strong bromance going on, fans should not be surprised to see these two ballers make their teammates laugh all day. Butler and Herro may seem all business on the court, but off of it, they are quick to crack a joke or five. 

During a sit down with Slam, the Heat's class clowns were joined by Bam Adebayo and nothing but hilarity ensued. 

There should honestly be a challenge to see how long any Heat fan could last without laughing while watching this video:

The basketball magazine gives a great glimpse into what these guys are really like to hang around. Adebayo, Butler and Herro casually praise and joke about each other throughout the video in a way that makes it tough for any basketball fan not to enjoy, whether they are a Heat fan or not. 

One of the more revealing parts of the interview comes about halfway through the video when Adebayo reveals how Herro was baptized by fire within the Heat training camp. 

The Heat big man reveals that Herro was ordered to guard new Heat star Butler himself on the rookie's very first day of training. 

Despite the challenge, it seems Herro did not shy away one bit and is thankful for his mentors. 

The Miami Heat's next game is Friday night as Butler and company host the Washington Wizards.