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The NBA Suspension Has Miami Heat Players Doing What They Can To Pass Time

A collective and varied mood from the Heat ballers

This is a strange time for the country and even the world. With common activities from our daily lives altered due to the Coronavirus outbreak, folks are just trying to find ways to occupy their time while staying safe. The same applies to Miami Heat players as they find creative ways to fill their day during the NBA suspension

The latest update from Commissioner Adam Silver regarding the remainder of the NBA season is that it will be suspended for up to 30 days. The initial news of a suspended NBA season came late Wednesday night last week.

While the break has not yet reached the end of its first week, the time away from our favorite players and teams feels much longer. 

In the meantime, NBA athletes are finding ways to keep busy while they follow protocol and remain at home.

Teams and organizations are no longer meeting for workouts or practices so this free time has proven to display players' creativity with how they're staying in shape and how they're feeling during their time away from the court. 

Several Miami Heat players have been sharing their feelings regarding their break from the NBA on social media. 

While we have seen Goran Dragic spending his time playing some soccer, the Heat's class clowns have recently shared what they're up to during their time away from the court.

It seems rookie Tyler Herro took a quick boat ride last night to get as close as he could to the American Airlines Arena. It appears that the youngster really misses his second home. The 20-year-old posted the image above on his Instagram story. 

As for the Heat's other class clown, Jimmy Butler, the team leader was busy working out from home today. 

The former Philadelphia 76er posted a couple of stories this afternoon showing what seems to be an extensive and varied home workout setup at his humble abode. 

NBA All-Star skills competition champion Bam Adebayo has been posting a meme per day to express his boredom with this NBA break. 

On the fourth day of Adebayo's NBA fast, the Heat player posted a GIF of Family Guy character Stewie rocking back and forth in the fetal position with disheveled hair and dark circles around his eyes. The All-Star debutant does not seem to be a fan of his time away from the courts. 

From home workouts to extensive social media activity, just like the rest of us, the Heat players are doing what they can to pass the time.