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Miami Heat's Tyler Herro And NFL Player Chad Johnson Are Hitting Up The Streets Of Miami Together

The Miami newcomer gets help from one of the City's big stars.
Miami Heat's Tyler Herro And NFL Player Chad Johnson Are Hitting Up The Streets Of Miami Together

Moving to Miami can be overwhelming - the city is so big. There's so much to see and do! Even for a longtime resident, the simple task of picking out an eating destination can become a tall task due to the bevy of intriguing options.

So when newly drafted Miami Heat player Tyler Herro, who recently moved to town back in June, asked Tuesday evening where he could find some good food he got some great responses.

It's pretty apparent that when Miami residents see a newcomer struggling with foodie inquires, we tend to jump at the chance of helping with all our favorite eating spots.

The sharpshooter from Kentucky University has plenty of potential to blossom under Eric Spoelstra and the rest of the coaching staff. Heat fans seem to be quite fond of the 19-year-old. So, it comes as no surprise that fans immediately replied to the shooting guard's tweet. 

Clearly, the Heat community looks out for one another. And by the looks of some of the tweets, they got jokes too. 

While we love seeing the people of Miami be neighborly, it was the tweet of one particular Miami resident that caught our eye. 

We have a feeling some of you may know this guy. 

Oh snap! Chad Ochocinco to the rescue! 

Think about it. Try to put yourself in Herro's shoes: you've just signed this big contract with one of the greatest NBA franchises in the world and now an NFL legend wants to take you out to dinner. Must be nice. 

So this was Herro's response:

Neither of these superstars' social media pages share any further details on what had to have been the ultimate bro date. 

But for Tyler Herro's sake, we just hope Chad did not take the NBA rookie to his favorite 'pre workout' spot...

Jokes aside, we're glad young Herro is making friends and by the looks of it, settling in just fine. 

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