"Ball is life" is not just a catchy hashtag, it really is a lifestyle. Follow anyone on the Miami Heat team on social media, and that is more than apparent. The players are always looking for ways to evolve their games, from traditional training or more unorthodox methods. Recently, Jimmy Butler and Chris Silva were spotted making up a totally new game they dubbed ‘Soccer Tennis,’ and fans were loving it on social media.

While the rules were less than clear from the video, it was obvious both parties were having a blast just kicking the ball around, and practicing skills they’d use on the court, too.

In the comments, fans speculated that the new game was inspired by Paul Pogba’s recent visit to the Miami Heat’s games.

Pogba was in Miami visiting his long-time friend Jimmy Butler, and the two were even seen eating out with Pharrell Williams at a Miami restaurant.

As far as Soccer Tennis goes, as Butler and Silva kicked the ball over a low ‘net’ made of stacked chairs, Butler was not giving Silva any slack.

The Miami Heat account even asked fans in the comments if anyone would challenge Jimmy in the new game.

Many agreed they would, while others still argued that should really be called “Futbol Tennis.”

No matter the setting, Butler will play whenever and however, and Silva can confirm, he does not lose!

If you're a Miami Dolphins fan, you can look forward to the development of a gondola over the stadium just in time for the Superbowl. And you can read more about Pharrel, Pogba, and Butler's get together here.