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After A Video Surfaced, It's Clear These Two Miami Heat Players Need To Have A Dance Off

As usual, Florida's favorite basketball team is up to shenanigans; this time featuring Miami Heat players Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler.

The Miami Heat have won all three of its preseason games. There seems to be a sense of optimism in the air for this upcoming season from fans and players (both past and present). When it comes to trades and draft picks, the Miami Heat had a heck of an offseason. Key acquisitions in the form of Meyers Leonard, Tyler Herro and of course, Jimmy Butler raised plenty of eyebrows from around the league over the summer.

Usually, when this many new faces join a team, you would expect the team to take a while to gel together. However, judging from the looks of things in and outside the American Airlines Arena, this team has chemistry to spare already. Just this Sunday, Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro were roasting each other on social media... again. 

It's no secret that Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro have a special relationship. During his press conference last month, Butler admitted that Herro holds a special place in his heart. 

From Herro's perspective, it has to be a bit overwhelming to become friends with Jimmy Butler while you're slowly becoming a star rookie in the NBA with the Miami Heat. 

However, Tyler is no ordinary 19-year-old.

The former Kentucky Wildcat seems to not feel any pressure whatsoever and he's not shy in front of his new colleagues either. 

Case in point: Herro's comment on Butler's Instagram post from this weekend.

Herro saw Jimmy Butler's Sunday mood and had the following to say: "Not only do I shoot better than you but I think I can dance better too."

Clearly, what this means is that the two just need to dance it out. To us, it is the only logical solution. Herro does display a sneak peek of his moves on this footage from Heat Media Day. 

Stay tuned and find out if the Heat's class clowns will settle this or not. 

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