Miami Heat Is Showing Chrissy Tiegen And John Legend Some Serious Love Right Now

The celeb couple lended D-Wade a helping hand when he needed it most.
Miami Heat Is Showing Chrissy Tiegen And John Legend Some Serious Love Right Now

With NBA Assist week wrapping up over the weekend, plenty of teams and the NBA itself were sharing some of the most memorable assists the league has seen; and Miami Heat is up to their usual antics of sharing Tweets that remind us why we love them. 

Just last week, we told you guys about this challenge the Miami Heat posed toward its fans, just days after Dwyane Wade engaged fans on whether a certain Olympic lob was the best assist in his career.

To wrap up the festivities, the Heat social team whipped up one more doozie of a treat for Heat fans. 

It's a secret to absolutely no one that the courtside seats at any given Miami Heat game is a star-studded event. Whether it be regulars like Rick Ross, Dj Khaled and Lil' Wayne or just the latest big-time artist who happens to be in town while touring, the American Airlines Arena is well-accustomed to hosting the celebrities of the world. 

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So with assist week coming to an end, the Heat decided to remind us of one special interaction a certain couple of celebrities had with Dwyane Wade last season. 

The day was April 9, 2019. With the Heat trying to make a run for a playoff berth and the surging Philadelphia 76ers in town, the AAA was packed.

Dwyane Wade had a few special guests in the house joining his wife, Gabrielle Union. Model and TV Personality Chrissy Teigen and Grammy-award winning artist John Legend were spotted enjoying the game courtside.

While the couple would probably endure stares at any given point where they're together in public, there was a particular reason the couple appeared on the AAA jumbotron during the game between the Heat and the 76ers. 

Miami Heat's Twitter reminded us of the moment in question with a hilarious tweet. 

If your friends wouldn't be there to cushion your fall as you throw up a jump shot during an NBA and risk spilling their drinks in the process, are they even really your friends?

The Heat legend famously commented on the courtside incident while at a Jimmy Fallon interview earlier this year.

It turns out, Tiegen received a framed photograph of her collision with Wade in the mail and decided to share it on Instagram. 

According to a Miami Herald article, the portrait was mailed to Teigen and Legend by NBA game ball manufacturer, Spalding. 

The morals of the story are that friends are supposed to cushion your fall and that behind every Heat tweet, lies a fun tale of friendship and corporate presents.