Miami Heat Hilariously Roasts LeBron James On NBA Block Week

Heat fans are having a party in the comments section
Miami Heat Hilariously Roasts LeBron James On NBA Block Week

Sometimes in life, you get asked perplexing questions. For example: what do Idris Elba, Hot wings and the Miami Heat have in common? The answer, naturally, is Twitter. The good folks behind Miami Heat's social media accounts recently posted a video of a great Dwyane Wade block. The catch is that the video does not make one LeBron James look too good at all. 

The reasons for the seasonal roasting, are two no-so-important NBA holidays that just so happens to have fallen on the same day. We're referring to #NBABlockDay and #WadeWednesdays, of course. 

We have mentioned NBA Assist Week before. We've even debated over a legendary Dwyane Wade assist. We're not quite sure who comes up with these commemorative weeks within the NBA, but we are certainly not complaining. Miami Heat fans are probably content with Block Week as well.

We intend on getting into excruciating detail on the block in question soon. However, before discussing matters on the court, Idris Eba's involvement in all of this ought to be explained. 

The world-famous English actor recently stopped by the award-winning Youtube interview show, Hot Ones while promoting his upcoming movie, Cats. For those unaware, the premise of the show is simple, painfully effective and genius, if you ask us. 

Host Sean Evans sits down with a celebrity and asks them a gauntlet of questions surrounding their careers, upbringing and forthcoming projects. Between Sean and the guest or celebrity in question is a table of scorching wings. The wings are in ascending heat order. As the interview progresses, the wings get hotter. Like we said: genius. 

It turns out, Elba did not perform too well during his visit to the 'Hot Ones' show. 

See for yourselves: 

Clips of the actor suffering from the heat of those wings have gone viral over the past few weeks. 

The Miami Heat, having the savvy social team that it does, took full advantage of Elba's pain and the Block Week/Wade Wednesday extravaganza and summed up all three seemingly unrelated topics into one masterful post. 

Here it is:

Considering that LeBron James is undoubtedly one of the greatest players to wear a Miami Heat jersey and gave Miami some of the best four years of his career, not to mention two NBA Titles, this is one savage post. 

Its harshness only makes it that much funnier. Heat fans are having a ball in the comments section.

Neither of the two players have responded to the post in question so we're not sure how LeBron James will react. But we hope he has a happy Block Week and Wade Wednesday!