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Miami Heat Rumors Include Bringing Back Nickname Jerseys

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Florida sports; there is always so much to keep up with! The Miami Heat kicked off their training camp activities this week. Media day has come and gone and now the Heat are looking to get down to business and return to winning ways.

Last year's disappointing season resulted in the Heat missing out on the Eastern Conference playoffs. This season, however, the Heat are filled with new faces and renewed energies. While they are not necessarily favorites to reach Conference Finals, there certainly is something in the air reminiscent of the days when an NBA Finals appearance was a given.

Perhaps it's the team chemistry. Or perhaps it's the Heat social media team stirring up Heat fans' hopes again. Thursday afternoon, Heat Twitter might have implied that one of the Heat's greatest jerseys may be coming back.

Back in 2014, the Miami Heat were coming off of there second consecutive NBA Title during the "Big Three" era. This was undoubtedly the best phase of the franchise's history. Thanks to Chirs Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, the Miami Heat was the team to beat in the league for years.

In January of that year, the Heat were set to face the Brooklyn Nets. There was nothing particular about the Eastern Conference matchup apart from the players' jerseys.

Rather than sporting their last names on the back of their respective jerseys, the players donned their nicknames. LeBron wore "King James," Chris Andersen wore "Birdman" and so on. Well, thanks to a couple of seemingly innocent Tweets Thursday, the Heat are stirring up rumors regarding a comeback of the nickname jerseys. 

Slam Online posted this on their feeds earlier in the day:

Really, the jerseys are awesome. Anyone could see why fans would want to see these make a comeback. 

The plot twist came when the Heat's Twitter page replied. 

Look, we're not trying to stir the pot but why else would the Heat reply to this? Surely, they get Tweeted at/about every day. It would be a great thing to bring back and fans are clearly on board. 

With the regular season just around the corner, be on the lookout for a nickname announcement soon.

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