Jimmy Butler Literally Just Created A Holiday That Proves He's Tyler Herro's Biggest Fan

The NBA's newest bromance.
miami heat's tyler herro and jimmy butler bromance

There are so many exciting things happening in the sports world right now, but perhaps nothing as great as Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler & Tyler Herro's blossoming bromance

The Miami Heat tip-off their 2019/20 Regular Season campaign this Wednesday evening at the American Airlines Arena as they are set to face the Memphis Grizzlies. This new-look Miami Heat is filled with youth and potential.

Among those new faces is four-time NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler and rookie Tyler Herro. Some experts have dubbed the two as the new face of the Heat organization. Ahead of the Heat's debut this evening, Butler made sure to show us all (again) that his and Herro's relationship goes beyond the basketball court and that they are, in our opinion, the newest and funniest NBA bromance out there.

Usually, when a friend wants to show affection for his or her friend, they'll probably do it in the form of verbal acknowledgment or gift-giving or perhaps grand gestures. Well, Jimmy Butler has done all of the above to prove that Tyler Herro is his guy. 

This is not the first time we have mentioned Butler showing support for the Miami Heat star rookie. While we're on the subject, there is a certain dance-off that Heat Nation is patiently waiting for. 

Anyway, this Tuesday Butler took things up a notch and created an entirely new holiday to honor his Heat bestie. "Tyler Tuesday's" is now officially a thing thanks to Butler's hard work and dedication. 

The Tyler-dedicated festivities were all over Butler's Instagram Stories.

[rebelmouse-image 25953369 photo_credit="@jimmybutler" expand=1 original_size="804x1418"]

And apparently, Butler was not the only one who got the memo yesterday. 

The Miami Heat were on board as well. 

And honestly, why wouldn't they be? Herro has been raising eyebrows around the league all offseason and preseason with his gutsy playing style and impressive shooting ability. 

While the first Tyler Tuesday has come and gone, do not worry. We have a feeling this will not just be some passing trend. In fact, be ready for next week's Tyler Tuesday, October 29th, as the Heat are set to host the Atlanta Hawks at the triple-A that night.