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Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler Just Teased Dion Waiters In The Most Hilarious Way

You can only make fun of someone like this if you respect them.
Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler Just Teased Dion Waiters In The Most Hilarious Way

The day has officially arrived, folks. Miami Heat Preseason is here. If you're keeping up with the hype then you might already know, but Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler is constantly making headlines. 

After the Heat held their Red, White and Pink Scrimmage this past weekend, Heat fans are hyped for the real action to begin. Sure, Preseason is not the real deal but thanks to a newly shortened Preseason structure courtesy of the NBA, this means Regular season is just around the corner.

And team morale over at the American Airlines Arena seems to be riding high. Guys are trying to outcompete each other, the smiles have been abundant and compliments are popping up left and right.

Just this afternoon, Jimmy Butler took the time to praise his new teammate Dion Waiters. However, compliments from Jimmy Buckets are a bit unique. Shortly after sharing his admiration for Waiters, Butler proceeding to poke fun at the point guard. 

By poke fun, we mean that Butler mocked Waiters' university, nickname and more; lovingly, of course.

At a Tuesday press conference ahead of the Heat's debut preseason game against the San Antonio Spurs, Butler was asked about his relationship with Waiters.

According to Butler, they tease each other on various matters that rarely even pertain to basketball. "I went to Marquette. He went to some Division Three institutions. I can't remember the name of it," said Butler referring to Waiters' alma mater, Syracuse University. 

While Butler is clearly teasing (Butler called him "a great dude and even better hooper"), Heat fans should be loving this apparent display of team chemistry and comradery. 

Butler and Waiters have proven to click on the court as well.

Butler did not end things with Waiters' alma mater, though. He also added a spin to the point guard's nickname. 

Dion Waiters, being a native of Philadelphia, is often referred to as Philly Cheese by his teammates and by Heat fans alike. Thing is, that is not what Jimmy Butler likes to call him. 

"Forget Philly Cheese. I call him Swiss Cheese," said Butler on Tuesday.

This is sure to come back up later on in the season. And given Jimmy Butler's preseason tendencies, he is bound to take full advantage of the situation. 

Tonight's preseason game between the Spurs and the Heat tips off at 7:30p.m. ET at the American Airlines Arena. 

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