The “City Edition” of NBA jerseys have been taking sports fans by storm this month, and with the latest reveal of the Miami Heat’s “ViceWave” look, fans are over the moon. The new look, inspired by the city of Miami, is a throwback to retro 80’s pattern and colors, painting a flashy show on the courts.

The new jerseys were made available for purchase on Tuesday night at midnight, and with vibrant vides on the Heat’s social media showing off the new uniform, it’s no surprise that they were in high demand.

The bright colors are a reflection of Miami’s sunnier side, as told on their website. Not the glitz and glam of the VIP section of the 305, but of sun, sea, and sky.

Three-toned lettering even gives a 3-D look that works well with the bright base, and is so totally '80s. Anyone else getting some Vice City vibes?

City Edition jerseys can easily be too safe or too overwhelming in their design, but the ViceWave falls perfectly between the two.

The imagery of a sun-soaked South Beach can be found in the bold pink, while the “Blue Gale” color balances it out with a more calming tone.

We’ll get to see the jerseys in action when they debut on November 29th in a game against the Golden State Warriors.

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ViceWave Jersey

Price: $125

When: On sale now!

Why You Need To Go: Rep the team's fresh new colors and show your support!