Miami Heat Posted A Mood On Twitter Last Night & It's Putting Us All In A Mood

Miami Heat Posted A Mood On Twitter Last Night & It's Putting Us All In A Mood

There is always something going on with Miami Heat's Twitter page, and last night they posted a mood that's putting us in a mood. 

Miami Heat's regular-season tipped off last night at the American Airlines Arena as the Heat took on the Memphis Grizzlies. Hours before the game, Heat fans were given some less than good news that Jimmy Butler, the Heat's star signing of the offseason, would not be able to play due to personal reasons.

Those reasons have not been divulged by the Heat or Butler himself yet. Fortunately, the Heat was able to secure a solid victory over the Grizzlies despite Butler's absence from the season opener. The Heat won 120-101.

The team was led by an inspiring performance from Justise Winslow and several rookies who stepped up to the spotlight when the team needed it most. Heat fans are surely happy with the performance on the court and the Heat's media team knows it. So much so, they captured the city's mood with one singular tweet. 

It's not exactly breaking news to anyone that Miami Heat's social team is top shelf when it comes to Twitter and Instagram. The Heat has created some of the funniest and engaging posts recently and they do not seem to be stopping any time soon. 

Fans were all about last night's post-match post that seemed to have been made by and for each and every Heat fan. 

This mood has been brought to you exclusively by the Miami Heat:

Listen, we think Heat fans are well aware that this is just the first game of the season. But come on guys, live a little! This young team seemed pretty impressive out there and was able to get the win even without their best player on the court. 

The Heat were breaking ankles:

The Heat were playing defense:

What we're saying to all of those criticizing Heat fans: chill out. It was a fun game to watch and a good way to start the season.

Here's what Heat fans had to say about the post in question:

Any excuse to use a passionate Stephen A. Smith gif is a good excuse. Especially if it's a timely one from his brand new NBA show. 

We're loving the crossover here this fan chose to do by using infamous soccer coach Jose Mourinho. 

The Heat will face the Milwaukee Bucks on the road this Saturday. Hopefully, Butler will be back in action as the Heat take on one of the favorite Teams to win the Eastern Conference this year. 

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