Miami Heat's Wade Wednesday Post May Just Have Been The Best Moment Of Last Season

This was probably the best part of Wade's last dance
Miami Heat's Wade Wednesday Post May Just Have Been The Best Moment Of Last Season

Today is every Miami Heat fan's favorite day of the week; Wade Wednesdays have become a reason for celebration. Throughout the offseason, every Wednesday may very well have seemed like Thanksgiving. The Miami Heat social media team has been sharing some amazing moments and plays that Dwyane Wade delivered throughout his 16-year career in the NBA.

This week, however, the Miami Heat shared what could arguably have been the best play of Dwyane Wade's final season in a Heat jersey. 

If Heat fans recall, one of Dwyane Wade's first stand out moments with the Miami franchise was back in 2004, during his rookie season, when he scored a game-winning buzzer-beater shot against Baron Davis' Charlotte Hornets in his first-ever NBA playoff game. 

Since then, Wade has produced some of the most memorable moments in Heat history. We have shared one in particular that Wade pulled off with the help of his good friend, LeBron James. Frankly, we may have also shared an iconic Wade moment that James might prefer to forget

However, today's Wade Wednesday moment is particularly special because it came along so late in Wade's long and successful career. Today's Wade Wednesday moment is when 'The Flash' defeated the Golden State Warriors with one of the craziest buzzer-beaters the American Airlines Arena has ever seen.

On February 27th of this year, the Miami Heat hosted the dominant Golden State Warriors. Around this point of the season, just after the NBA All-Star Break, teams tend to really kick it into high gear and push for those coveted playoff spots. 

The Heat was not having the best season and was therefore seen as clear underdogs against one of the most powerful forces the league has ever seen. 

And yet, on that February evening, the AAA witnessed a 16-year-old veteran take the game into his own hands the way a player of his own ilk knows how. 

Dwyane Wade seemed determined to not leave the arena without a win that night. He tallied 25 points in 26 minutes on the court. But it was the last three points Wade scored that night that sent Miami into delirium. 

As wild a game-winner as you will ever see. One that words cannot truly define.

It's truly a thing of beauty. The 37-year-old went of retiring professional basketball player to a child having fun in his backyard in a matter of seconds. Look at that smile as his teammates chase Wade to celebrate the magic he just produced. 

Heat fans were definitely feeling this post. 

It seems like Wednesday will continue to be Miami's favorite day of the week.