Let's face it. Miami traffic is heavy, crazy and annoying. But now it will become even crazier starting on Monday 21st. Maybe it's time you start planning a long vacation or download a lot of meditation podcasts because is going to be a long ride. The construction of the new 1.5-mile highway will begin in Downtown Miami and if you want to avoid traffic, maybe you should consider moving up north. 

There's already enough road rage and nasty drivers in the highway, and adding new construction plans to Miami is starting the Apocalypse. This highway will stretch all the way from I-95 to State Road 836. The design will be futuristic but Miamians will expect lots of traffic jams until fall 2023. 

Yes, that's right! The construction of this new highway will take four years and if you thought you had enough of Miami traffic, reconsider your location. There will be three lanes closed on southbound I-95 and Northwest 29th Street to Northwest 17th Street every night while construction takes place.

Via Connecting Miami

But, the wait will be worth it. This will be an iconic bridge that will connect Downtown Miami, Edgewater, Omni and Overtown. There will be new bike lanes, crosswalks, and trails for pedestrians. It's going to be the most beautiful urban park in Miami and you'll want to move back after is completed. 

The highway will have a double-decker on SR 836 and will get you easier to other locations. Traffic will be painful for the next four years and the sunshine state might not be so shiny after all. But, it's going to be one of the best highways in the state. 

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Via Connecting Miami

Do you have what it takes to bare with the crazy drivers in Miami for the next four years?