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Miami Is Getting The Tallest Thrill Ride Tower In The World

The tallest and fastest attraction is coming to SkyRise Miami.
Miami Is Getting The Tallest Thrill Ride Tower In The World

If you think Miami can't get better, wait until you visit the SkyRise Miami. The fastest and tallest thrill ride is coming to the city and it will be epic. Also, this will be the tallest rotating observation attraction in the U.S. 

This could become "Miami's Eiffel Tower" and a symbol of the new Miami. Miamians could finally avoid a four-hour drive to Orlando and enjoy the best views of the city at the tallest deck observatory. SkyRise Miami will be an asymmetric tower that will feature the best views, attractions, and entertainment. 

The massive structure will be located in Downton Miami right by the water and the marina. This 1000 feet building will be seen from far away and it's estimated to be completed by 2020. The best part about this attraction is that it's going to be located right across from Port Miami. So once tourists get out of the boat, they can visit the tower.

SkyRise Miami will feature the perfect combination of speed, adrenaline, and thrill. It will have the longest and fastest drop in the world. A 540 feet SkyDrop will hold 12 passengers and let riders free-fall at speeds of 95 mph. 

If free-fall is not your style, you'll be able to ride the SkyRise Flying Theatre. This ride will hold 72 riders for 6 minutes in a dome at 40 feet in the air, showing a video simulator. 

But if you're all about the Instagram shot, you could take a scenic tour at the tallest rotating observation in the world. You could take a stroll at 908 feet with no handrails or glide on a transparent slide and watch the best panoramic view of the Magic City.

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Probably the most exhilarating attraction will be the SkyPlunge. The brave will be able to bungee jump through the interior of the tower at nearly 55 mph. Now, that's thrilling!

The SkyRise will also feature a casual café, fine dining, a ballroom, a conference center, and even a nightclub. Imagine getting married at the tallest building in Miami - spectacular!

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Your weekends will never be boring again once this building opens to the public. 

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