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Miami Is Hosting A "Dessert War" And These Are The Craziest Sweets To Try

You can visit the land of sweets next weekend at Florida International University. If you have a sweet tooth and all you can think is about desserts, then you need to come to the largest dessert festival in America. Miami is hosting a dessert war with the craziest sweets and the best sugar you'll find in South Florida. 

Dessert Wars is returning for its 7th edition on February 2nd and it will be a fierce competition. More than 50 dessert vendors will be vying for the title of Dessert Champion. You'll find so many sugary eateries at this event such as cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, and donuts.

Once you enter the event you'll get 30 raffle tickets that you can exchange for samples at any dessert vendor and include milk and coffee. Also, some vendors will offer gluten-free and vegan options if you're worried about your dietary restrictions.

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Here are some of the desserts you can't pass on and if you want to get the first taste, consider getting the VIP ticket. This will give you access 60 minutes prior to the start of the event.

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Get a real milkshake

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The Market Milkshake Bar makes freaky milkshakes with the best flavors. This is your time to get a sugar high at this event.

Taste a real Latin dessert

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If you've eaten a "tres leches" then you know you won't resist a "cuatro leches". This is the desert for the lactose lover. Vicakepop makes one of the best sweets you'll ever try.

Indulge in unique cupcakes

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Did someone say cupcakes with lavender macarons? We'll be first in line. This chocolate cupcake with Baileys from Sugar'd Up is to die for.

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Devour the best brownies

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These are gourmet brownies and the best in the 305. So get a box before heading on your next road trip.

Savor fried ice cream

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Publix ice cream will not taste the same again after you try this fried ice cream. Nelly's Fried Creamery will change your perception of ice cream.

So, are you ready to have the sweetest day of your life? Because food coma is expected.

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