Graffiti, considered to be one of the most culturally significant art movements of the 20th century, will have a new long-expected home in South Florida. As part of Art Basel activities, Miami is opening the world's first museum dedicated only to graffiti art this December. And as you probably guessed, it will be based in Wynwood.

Besides offering tons of opportunities for amazing photos, the new art hub promise to be a journey through the history of graffiti, showcasing works from the art's beginnings in the 1970s, until the most contemporary artists and style. 

The museum experience includes indoor and outdoor exhibitions and will debut December 5, 2019.

The art of decorating and writing on walls using spray cans was considered vandalism before it became art, and the Museum of Graffiti will walk you through all that rich history, until modern times, when we celebrate its bloom in the worlds design, fashion, advertising, and galleries. 

The admission ticket is $23 per adult and the tour lasts around an hour. Check the indoor exhibition space, but also the eleven exterior murals.

They also have a fine art gallery and a super cool gift shop where you can purchase limited-edition merchandise. Here you'll find one of a kind pieces of some of the world’s most talented artists. A great and original holiday gift idea. 

The museum's 3,000-square-foot space will feature paintings, mixed-media sculptures, murals, and installations. By now, the experience is completely self-guided, but the staff can answer any questions you may have. It's located at 299 NW 25 Street, very close to the famous Wynwood Walls. 

As a very Instagram-worthy place, pictures are obviously allowed, but professional photography and video need previous approval. 

The Museum of Graffiti will open daily from December 5 from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. They close Tuesdays. 

From their opening day, the museum will be hosting a variety of events with world-famous graffiti artist hosting the events, so stay tuned to their website or social media pages. They'll also be a private event venue. 

Museum Of Graffiti

Price: Adults $23

When: December 5th

Address: 299 NW 25 Street, Miami, Florida

Why You Need To Go: To appreciate the history and creativity of graffiti artists around the world in this museum that is the first of its kind. And to take killer pics for your IG account, of course.