Last summer 2018 the Umbrella Sky Project hit Giralda Plaza and was a sensation. Tourists and locals turned this into the most sought Instagram backdrop around, and now, Coral Gables is seeking the next big idea for its next sky project. 

Now is time to beautify once again the city of Coral Gables and turn it into another Instagram sensation. The last project enchanted many people in Miami. Currently, there is Sunlit Sky project that has not caught much attention from the public. According to the Miami Herald, the Gables’ Historical Resources and Cultural Arts Department and the Economic Development Department will team up to find the perfect artistic vision for the city. 

The artist who wins the proposal will have the art on display all summer, from June until August. The budget for this project is $150,000 that will include art installation, fabrication, artwork creation, and other costs related to the project. So, start thinking of your best summer outfit because Coral Gable's sky is going to be vivid. 

The Umbrella Sky Project started in Portugal and has been seen in different streets across the world, including Paris, Lisbon, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Coral Gables is looking for ideas that are sustainable and include environmental-friendly materials. 

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If you have any bright ideas for the next big Instagram takeover, you can submit your concept sketch and proposal by March 15th here. Of course, it depends on the artist's qualification. 

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Get ready to hit the streets of Coral Gables this summer because with a budget this big you can assume there will be a backdrop perfect for your Instagram feed.