Miami Is Soon Getting A New Cat Café And It’s Going To Be Purrfect

Miami’s The Cat’s Meow Café is opening early 2019.
Miami Is Soon Getting A New Cat Café And It’s Going To Be Purrfect

Miami is about to get the purrfect coffee shop that will connect cats and humans. If you're a pet lover and cat lady, this will be the place to go. Finally, Miami is getting a New Cat Café that will be purrfect for those wanting to adopt a new pet.  

You could be saving a kitty's life while enjoying a great cup of cat-ppuccino. This will be a unique café experience that ties in coffee with rescued cats. The cat café is a place to foster a positive relationship between humans and cat by providing a safe space and environment. 

There are over 300,000 homeless cats in Miami and Elizabeth's mission is to raise awareness and advocate for these cats. Many of these furry creatures need a home and a place to live. Elizabeth has partnered with local shelters in the Miami-Dade County to provide an opportunity to those cats that would otherwise be euthanized. Most of the cats aren't adopted and end up in these shelter. So provide these furry creatures a warm place to live. 

The Cat's Meow Café will definitely be a family-friendly attraction and will give cats the opportunity to find their furrever home.

You might be wondering? What is a cat café. A cat café is an environment where you can indulge in coffee and pastries while cuddling with cats. This concept is new in Miami but there's only two in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. 

For those who are allergic to cats, no worries. The cat café and cat room will be separated by a partition wall for no cross-contamination. But, you can also take your goodies to the cat room and play with the kitties. There's nothing better than an early morning cup of coffee and kitties. The coffee bar will serve local craft beer and wine. Did someone say happy meowour? Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy different events such as Yoga with Cats, Bingo/Trivia Nights, and TNR certification classes. Get ready to live your best feline lifestyle. 

If you're thinking about adopting a new cat, this will be the perfect place. Cats will roam freely around the cat lounge while fostering positive connections with guests. This is a great idea as people can get to know the cat's personality before adopting one. 

You can help The Cat's Meow Photo to become a reality by supporting the project on their Kickstarter page. 

The Cat's Meow Café will be located in 7541 Biscayne Boulevard, also known as the MiMo district. Stay tuned for furreal news and their expected opening in March 2019. 

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