You Can Take Home The Perfect Succulent Arrangements Made By A Nursery In Miami

Forget roses, this is what your bae wants.
This Succulent Farm In Miami Sells Adorable Cactus Creations

Succulents are a plant-killers best friend, not just because they’re hardy, but they’re extremely versatile and all-around adorable. If these low-maintenance beauties are your newest obsession or you’re looking to just begin your collection, there’s an amazing nursery in Miami that you have to add to your to-visit list, Isaac Farms! From rows upon rows of beautiful succulents to creative creations, you’ll find just about everything cactus-related here.

The owners of Isaac Farms have been operating since 2001 when they first started off as landscapers. Since 2007, they’ve focused solely on succulents, and even travel the world in search of new and exotic species to bring home to Florida.

They also specialize in pottery and wood designs to enhance the cacti’s natural look.

From succulents to air plants to orchids, there are over 500 different species to check out at the nursery. There are tons of beautiful pottery pieces to take your new plant buddy home in, too, and amazing wood designs to spruce up any space.

Prices for each plant vary, but most succulents start at $1.50, cacti at $2.00, and air plants at $1.00. The different pottery pieces start at $2.50, and if you’re interested in a custom arrangement or any of the wood art pieces, you’ll have to ask after them.

The nursey also features hoyas vine plants, agaves and aloes, and desert roses. You can spend hours just wandering the rows of plants.

If you’re just getting started on your succulent garden and don’t know where to begin, you can even check out their Youtube channel for some tips.

Whether you visit to expand your own collection or to simply admire the vast selection of flowers and greenery, Isaac Farms is definitely a bucket list location.

Isaac Farms

Address: 18800 S.W. 177 Ave., Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: For succulent lovers and future gardeners, Isaac Farms has all things cactus!