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People Answer What Miamians Will Be Nostalgic About In 30 Years & It's Hilarious

Will the city even be around for another 30 years?

Ahh, Miami. The vibrant South Florida city by the sea, full of Tesla cars, beachgoers, and Publix. There are a lot of things that people might miss about the ever-growing city in 30 years, but according to a Reddit Miami thread, some Redditors took a more creative approach to answer this question. 

Reddit user u/smiler_g posted a thread 14 hours ago asking the public, "What current things about Miami are people going to be nostalgic for 30 years from now?"

Admittedly it is a bold question to ask. Some people took the question seriously and answered things like the "vibrant coral reefs," and "being able to commute from affordable housing," but the majority of replies were a little more sarcastic-sounding. 

u/apn3 came in hot with this comment: "Being able to drive to work instead of boating." It seems pretty clear that this comment is referencing that the city could be underwater in the near future.

u/OldeArrogantBastard was there to back up u/apn3 and chimed in with "Land. Like actual land since it’ll be constantly flooded." And to be fair, Miami does flood fairly often; especially so if the entire city is engulfed by the ocean in 30 years. 

Another reply referenced the sea level rising, but took a little different approach; "drinking water; salt water intrusion gonna get us before sea level rise," u/nomercyrule said. 

And would the thread really be complete without a comment about traffic and tolls? Of course not. 

u/Avenger_ kept it short and sweet, he said Miamians will miss "2 express lanes on the palmetto."

To wrap it up, u/IceColdKilla said "free access to Miami Beach before they install tolls." Ouch.

So, what do you think Miamians will miss in 30 years? Pop over to this Reddit thread and let 'em know your thoughts! Oh, and don't forget to read about how Miami has been hotter than Death Valley recently. 

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