You Can Actually Order Spaghetti Ice Cream At This Shop In Miami

Sweet noodle salad.
You Can Actually Order Spaghetti Ice Cream At This Shop In Miami

If you love ice cream as much as we do then you will love sweet noodle ice cream. As Jack Nicholson once said "good times noodle salad" and this ice cream shop is here to bring you good ice cream. Miami'N'Ice serves spaghetti ice cream and you have to try it.

According to many Yelp reviewers, this is South Beach's best ice cream spot. The store opened in November 2017 and since then it has become locals' favorite. Kati Priem and Javi El Amraoui are the owners of Miami'N'Ice and they brought their spaghetti-shaped creation all the way from Germany.

According to Kati, the idea was invented by an Italian gentleman a long time ago and finally, it has crossed the borders of Germany to Miami.

This ice cream shop really knows how to put a spin on ice cream rolls with a famous fruit-flavored candy - Skittles. Also, the shop has a Skittles flavored base ice cream that tastes fantastic.

But, their most attracting item is the Iced Spaghetti that includes vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce which actually looks like tomato sauce. They also offer other signature spaghetti variations such as Nutty Peanut Putter and Jelly Style, Chocolaty, Tropical, and Cookies n' Creamy.

The menu features unique rolled ice cream flavors such as So Into Passion, Oreotastic, Coffee Love, Go Nuts and more. Vegan foodies can also enjoy a bite at Miami'N'Ice with their dairy-free creations which consists of a coconut base and your choice of mango or strawberry. The Spaghetti Ice will definitely steal the Instagram spotlight and is a great way to trick someone into sweets.

As Miami'N'Ice official song says - "Never had ice cream rolls like these".


Address: 1214 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

Price: 💸

Hours: Monday - Thursday 1 pm - 11 pm and Friday - Sunday 12:30 pm - 12 am

Why you need to go: It's a handmade ice cream parlor that serves spaghetti-shaped ice cream.