This New Interactive Art Mural In Miami Comes 'ALIVE' When You Touch It (VIDEO)

It's so cool!
This New Interactive Art Mural In Miami Comes 'ALIVE' When You Touch It (VIDEO)

Miami is known for its many art murals in Wynwood and colorful buildings painted with art. But, we bet you haven't seen one that can actually move when you touch it. There is a new interactive art installation in Coconut Grove that comes alive at night.

The installation is interactive through both physical and digital computing, incorporating real-time sensors integrated with computer vision that allows visitors to interact by walking past it or touching it. This installation was created by artists XENZ and Studio James Brazil to transform the dry cleaner into an interactive display.

The mural features video projected animations that come alive when people press or walk by. You can press and hold, touch, slide vertically or walk underneath the canopy to prompt environmental changes to the entire mural.

Visitors can enjoy the natural vibe of this mural when they press buttons that cause rain to fall, flowers to blossom, and frogs to leap, recreating the natural beauty of Coconut Grove.

Now, instead of taking an Instagram picture you can do a Boomerang and see the mural moving behind you. When technology and art meet the creative eye, it creates a wonderful moment for the community. 

XENZ has sold out solo shows in London and his work is exhibited in private and corporate collections worldwide. Studio James Brazil utilizes art and technology in public places to transform daily experiences within the community.

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The Alive mural is located outside Coconut Grove Laundry & Cleaners at 3101 Grand Avenue, Miami, FL.