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Miami's First-Ever Croqueta Bar Is Opening In Spring 2019

Now you can enjoy a bar full of croquetas in Miami.
Miami's First-Ever Croqueta Bar Is Opening In Spring 2019

Is there something better than a happy hour? Yes, a croqueta happy hour. If you've lived in Miami long enough, you know that an afternoon snack includes a 'cafecito' and a croqueta. Well, no need to wait any longer because there's a new Croqueta bar opening in the city and it will be ready for pick-up whenever you're running late for work.

The location of this croqueta bar is still being discussed by the owners but it will be near Florida International University. For all college students, this will be an easy lunch spot. The bar will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and will also include a window service. 

Dos Croquetas will be the new croqueta bar and restaurant to open in Spring 2019. They specialize in upscale croquetas, shakes, and sauces, and we believe their menu is going to be Food-static. 

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The menu will include traditional favorites such as the ham and 305 croquetas. Also, fruity pebbles, guava cinnamon toast crunch, and oreo croquetas will be on the menu. This will be croqueta heaven in the middle of Miami!

The croqueta bar will also have vegan options for those with dietary restrictions. And, if you're dedicated to having a real 'cheat day' we recommend pairing the sweet croquetas with guava, nutella, or oreo milkshake. The bar will also have full meals and munchies for those who are not that hungry. Also, don't forget to try a croqueta with condensed milk.  

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If you're looking to do a get-together or house party, Dos Croquetas also offers catering service. After all, everyone loves handcrafted fried rolls. So get some croquetas and sauce it up! 

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