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More Great White Sharks Are Heading South To Florida Waters

Great whites are heading to Florida.
More Great White Sharks Are Heading South To Florida Waters

Just like the snowbirds, Sharks are on the move to warmer waters, and that includes our ginormous and perhaps terrifying friends - the Great Whites. According to Ocearch animal tracker, there are several sharks currently moving south towards Florida, including a Great White that has just passed into Florida territory. 

Over the past month, Florida has been visited by several Great Whites, including the massive girl Katherine - a 14 ft 2,000+ pound ocean giant. She pinged off the coast of Daytona Beach on January 14, with Cabot, another smaller Great White who most recently pinged yesterday off the coast of Cuba. 

Miss Costa is the Great White who recently joined the Florida shark party. She pinged yesterday morning just off the coast of Jacksonville; meaning she traveled from central-lower Georgia to north Florida waters in just over an hour according to her tracker. Miss Costa is 12 1/2 ft and weighs nearly 1,700 lb.

This screenshot taken directly from the website shows her path, date, and time she traveled from Georgia to the time she arrived in Florida - her most recent ping:


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There are two other Great Whites hanging around the south Georgia area; Luna, a 15 ft 2000+ lb female and Hilton, a 12 ft 1000+ male. They both have pinged in the area within the last two weeks. 

Although all the ins and outs of shark migration are not fully understood yet, suggests that scientists believe one of the major factors of migrating Great Whites is the search for food. Many other species of fish that sharks prey upon move to warmer waters in the winter. 

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This news comes shortly after it was announced that the biggest known Great White was hanging out in Hawaii a little over a week ago. The 50-year-old shark, namely Deep Blue, was spotted by scuba divers while she was feeding on the carcass of a dead whale. 

The brave scuba divers swam right next to Blue, and surprisingly, the docile creature didn't seem interested or bothered by the diver's presence. She is believed to weigh around 2.5 tons and measure up to 20 feet - making her the largest identified Great White Shark.

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While shark attacks are rare they do happen. If you spot a shark while at the beach you should notify the coast guard in your area at once, and if you are in the water when you spot the shark remember to stay calm and make as few sudden movements as possible while slowly making your way back to the shore or a nearby boat. Never turn your back on the shark. Yelling "SHARK" is always a good idea to warn others in the area. 

To see sharks and other tagged wildlife active in the area you can click this link. 

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