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NBA Suspension Due To Coronoavirus Sends LeBron James Down Miami Heat Memory Lane

Wednesday night, the National Basketball Association's commissioner Adam Silver officially announced the indefinite suspension of the NBA due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Silver has since added that the league would halt its activities for the next thirty days. In wake of the news, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade took to Instagram and seem to be making the most of the NBA break by taking a trip down Miami Heat memory lane.

It's no secret that Wade and James have a uniquely strong bond. The former Miami Heat teammates have shown love, respect, and support for one another and continue to do so to this day.

And you know the relationship is real when the love occasionally turns into playful taunting

While balling with Miami, James and Wade reached the NBA Finals four years in a row with the help of Chris Bosh and company. The Heat won two back-to-back titles during those years and dominated the league like few dynasties have done in the history of the NBA. 

Last night, LeBron took to Instagram to share some of his fonder memories of those days. By fonder memories, we mean amazing plays. And by amazing plays, we mean lobs.

LeBron posted several Instagram stories as he enjoyed replays of epic alley-oops between himself and his former teammate.

James seemed to be enjoying his evening watching the compilation. The current Los Angeles Laker kicked his story off with a shout out to Wade and a caption that reads, "One bad duo!!!!!!"

When you watch the footage, it's impressive to recall just how solid James and Wade's plays were together in comparison to the competition at the time. One bad duo, indeed. 

Wade joined in on the fun and replied to James' throwback Thursday activity.

Wade's comment on the repost sums up the Heat's former dynamic duo perfectly, "Batman/Robin, Robin/Batman."

While Dwyane Wade took a leading role and lower salary behind Lebron James at the peak of their careers together, Wade was always ready to step up when the team needed him.

So the Batman-Robin roles being exchanged in Wade's caption is quite fitting — and shows just how strong their friendship is.

The basketball legends' sons even play high school basketball together. And while they might have received some criticism for it at times, the two ballers are constantly present at the Sierra Canyon games supporting their boys.

Heat fans certainly loved this bit of love between two lends of the franchise. While the Coronavirus outbreak will have the world's athletes sidelined, for now, the best we can hope for apart from everyone's health and safety is that we get some great throwbacks like on LeBron's story last night.

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